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We at Web Grow believe that success isn’t about what we accomplish in our lives, it is more about what we inspire others to do. With that belief, we started this business to create a difference in the society and make people financially free in India.

The Network Marketing or Direct Selling or MLM business idea has made many middle class people millionaires in very short time. With a huge population in India, it is predicted that in the next 5 years the Network Marketing business in India will 6 times more than in 2020. The network marketing business in India for 2020 is worth 129.5 billion dollars, and it is estimated to rise up by approx 6 times to 645 billion dollars by 2025.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, this is the best business to start in India with zero investment and huge profits. And for that reason, we are promoting the business idea. So that middle people can earn money easily working part time with zero or low investment.

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