10 Best Entrepreneur books for Success in Network Marketing

All successful people have one common habit, they all read a lot of books. Reading books keeps one’s mind sharp and active. You are able to think better, perform better and remain motivated all the time. There are some of the best entrepreneur books out there which have the ability to shape your thinking and behaviour.

Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you.

Barrack Obama

How can Best Entrepreneur Books help you in network marketing?

  • If you are a beginner learn the dos and the don’ts of network marketing from books written by successful and experienced network marketing leaders themselves. Sharing their experiences will save you time, money and emotion. A wise man learns from others mistakes.
  • If you are someone who has had a taste of failure and have lost all hope, then these books will motivate and inspire you to restart your business to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.
  • If you are someone who is a part of the multilevel marketing business, but don’t know how to proceed or don’t have the confidence to be good leaders, then these books will boost your confidence and tell you the right things you need to know to overcome self-doubt.
  • If you are a non-believer of the MLM industry, please read these books just to expand your knowledge.

List criteria for Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Most recommended books by successful network marketing leaders.
  2. Books which help develop a particular skill set necessary to grow your business.
  3. Books which motivate you and boost your confidence.

Top 10 List of Best Entrepreneur Books for Network Marketing

1. Your First year in Network Marketing

Your first year in network marketing download

A highly recommended book if you are fresh to direct selling business and have no clue as to what lies ahead. This book gives you a reality check with no sugar coatings while teaching you on how to overcome rejection and failure. It truly tells you what to expect during your first year in network marketing and how to handle it and move forward. Though the book is a little back with time, but it’s reasoning, principles and attitude training are timeless.

Focus points:

  • How to overcome the “Rejection Torpedo”, remain focused, enthusiastic and manage your expectations.
  • Recruit, train and avoid over managing your down line.
  • Ease out of another profession.

2. Go Pro

Go pro download

A worldwide sensation since its release, Go Pro is a must read for every network marketer. Worre makes it easy to understand and stresses on the need to learn the skills of network marketing to be successful. This 7 step guide is full of practical, ready to implement ideas and has the capacity to transform an amateur to a professional network marketer.

Focus points:

  • How to find prospects and invite them.
  • How to present your product.
  • How to follow up with your prospects and help them become customers or distributors.

3. Beach Money

Beach Money Book Download

As the name suggests, Beach Money shows you how you can achieve financial freedom and live your life the way you want through an mlm business. Adler narates an inspiring stories to teach you the secret of success in the network marketing industry and shows you that success is not an MLM myth.

Focus points:

  • Design your life based on your free time to achieve success.
  • Fulfill the desire of a life with financial freedom.
  • Inspirational stories to help you keep motivated.

4. How to win Friends and influence people


How to win friends and influence people, is without a doubt, the most influential book. It is very popular among those in the field of business, who believe that it has taught them the very essence of life. It must be on your to-read list, especially for those who are shy by nature and have trouble communicating and recruiting. It gives a deep insight into how and why influence works for building relationships.

Focus points:

  • How to work smart instead of working hard.
  • 6 ways to become the person everyone likes.
  • 12 ways to make people understand your way of thinking
  • 9 ways to change people seamlessly. 

5. The greatest networker in the world

The greatest networker in the world download

This a fictional story which revolves around a businessman about to quit network marketing until he meets a man known as the greatest networker in the world, who changes his life for the better. Through the art of story-telling, John Milton Fogg inspires you and makes you realize that network marketing is unlike any other industry. He tells you about the power of duplication and many other skills you need to unlearn and learn again to be successful here.

Focus points:

  • Values of responsibility, team building, and caring for one’s downline are much more crucial than competitive promotion and advertising.
  • The skill of teaching people to become teachers and master it and how this is the most critical skill to achieve improved stability and productivity for long-lasting success.

6. The Business of the 21st century

The business of the 21st century download

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling rich dad poor dad series, is also a well-known supporter of network marketing. In this book he explains how even challenges can be taken advantage of and turned into opportunities. Kiyosaki brings across different points of view in jobs, business, education and even time management.

Focus points:

  • Why the network marketing industry has a promising future.
  • How to make any business successful in any kind of economy.

7. The Business School

The business School download

This book too is written by Robert Kiyosaki and is one of the highly recommended books by successful leaders of network marketing. It shows you that network marketing is not only about making money but also developing values by helping those who are in need. If you are new to this industry and believe it’s only about making money, this book will surely change your perception and help you keep motivated through the rough days.

Focus points:

  • Hidden values of MLM apart from money making.
  • Power of networks in network marketing
  • Importance on acquiring skill set related to your particular business.

8. The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership

The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership download

A classic on leadership skills, this book is a reminder that leadership is not developed in a day, but is a daily commitment. With the help of examples and stories of other businessmen, Maxwell has effectively shown how the laws of leadership work. He also lists activities and evaluations for your own self to develop your leadership skills.

Focus points:

  • Learn the skill of leadership
  • Practical laws which one must follow in order to become a leader

9. How to build a multi-level money machine

How to build a multi-level money machine book download

A great ‘how-to’ manual of the direct selling industry for any beginner. Gage gives a great insight into why most distributors fail in network marketing and what is the right way of gong about it. You will also learn how to recognize the right companies to start with along with how to invite, present, lead and duplicate among other things.

Focus points:

  • How to build an organization to produce passive income for the rest of your life.
  • Up to date information on what is working in the space currently.
  • Self –motivation.

10. Rock your Network Marketing business

Rock your Network marketing Business book download

An inspiring book for network marketers on reaching a seven figure success. A short, easy read, full of practical ideas and straight to the point. Sarah gives the basics of marketing, even the ones which have been lost with time, right from scratch. The book breaks down exactly how the game goes and what to expect.

Focus points:

  • The system to achieve a seven –figure success
  • Basics of network marketing for beginners.
  • Self-motivation

Conclusion -

Every book has something new to teach you, be it in the form of experiences, skills or motivation.  These are just a few of the hundreds of books available on network marketing. Make them your best friends and they will be your friend in need. Hope this list of best entrepreneur books helps you in building your network marketing business. Keep reading, keep growing!