10 Best Niches For Blogging As A Profitable Business Idea

Creating a blog might be an easy task technically, but choosing the best niches to blog can be really confusing. In this post, we will explore why niches are important if you plan to blog for a living, 10 best niches for blogging if you want to make it a profitable business idea, and also how to pick the best niche suited to your business model.

Why Focus on a Niche for Blogging is Important?

In the world of blogging, the most profitable business idea would be the one that is the most popular. Focussing on one of the best niches for blogging will help you develop a popular blog in that particular area over time establishing a following.

Writing about anything and everything can make your blog look chaotic to your visitors. Moreover, you will never be able to build a dedicated audience. Sticking to one niche can help establish your credibility and help you grow faster. Your aim must be to stand out in your niche.

Best Niches for Blogging

There is a multitude of blogging niches available out there which can prove to be a very profitable business idea. To help you with this dilemma, we have listed below some of the most popular niches for blogging. All of them have been around for years and have great potential to generate a passive income.

1. Food Blogs:

food blogging idea

Everyone needs to eat, even if it is the end of the world. Food is one of the basic necessities for survival which is why they are one of the most popular blogs and do really well in terms of traffic. Creating a blog about food and recipes is a very sensible business model.

However, the options for monetizing a food blog are limited. Unless they are professionals with small business ideas on their minds, most people visit a food blog looking for some recipes for free.

For example, selling an ebook of recipes might be difficult. Instead, you can try affiliate marketing strategies by promoting cooking appliances or other food-related products through your blog. According to income reports food blogs like Pinch of Yum, Show me the yummy, make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

If you choose to focus on a particular diet like vegan, you will have a better chance to develop loyal followers than more generalized food blogs.

2.Health and Fitness:

Health and fitness blogs

Health and fitness blogs are evergreen niches. There are always going to be people who would want to stay fit and healthy. It can be a very broad niche wherein you can cover diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle, and habits. You can also narrow it down to target specific audiences like women, men, elderly or health conditions like diabetes, mental health, or pregnancy.

Your small business ideas here could be ads, affiliate marketing or even selling ebooks or courses. Offering online services like coaching can be one of the best ways of making money online. 

For example, Jessica of Easy Living Today, aims to help moms stay healthy. She revealed that she makes up to 20,000 dollars a month from her blog. Isn’t that incredible!

3. Personal Finance:

personal finance website blog

Who doesn’t want to learn to earn and managing their money? Personal finance blogs are one of the most successful niches for blogging. Frugal living is even a huge niche on Pinterest. 

You can pick topics like frugality, investing, debt, budgeting, or even sharing your progress. These blogs mostly generate revenue through ad programs and affiliate programs and also online courses on how to manage their finances.

Making Sense of Cents, a small business idea of Michelle Gardner is one of the most popular blogs in this space. She drives a large part of her income through her affiliate link with Bluehost and also her affiliate marketing course.

While there are people making thousands of dollars per month through finance blogs, this is not an easy niche to get into. At the very least, you must have a good handle on your own finances and tips and tricks you can share.

4. Online Money Making:

online money making blogs

There are blog sites in this niche that have more than a hundred thousand visitors. This one undoubtedly makes a lot of money which is a reason why every blogger wants to blog about “How to start a blog”.

The problem starts when you blog about “creating a blog” without any experience or knowledge. Your audience is smart and intelligent. They will know when you are bluffing and when you are not.

The best advice to follow here is to first build your credibility through a primary blog and then you can make a secondary blog about online money-making businesses and share your experiences and income reports.

If you still want to enter this niche as a beginner, you can share your recent experiences and keep your visitors in the loop from day 1 of your journey blogging. The trick here is, to be honest, and maintain transparency.

5. Travel Blogs:

Travel blogs

Travel blogs are a kind of lifestyle blog. People love to travel and have new experiences. Holidays are a way of rebooting your mind. But this is not the only reason why travel blogs are so popular.

These are also a favorite among bloggers because there are so many ways to monetize a travel blog. You could give affiliate links to hotels, travel products, even give coupons.

Practical Wanderlust is one travel blog earning thousands of dollars monthly. They mostly post about travel tips from their many adventures and earn through affiliate links.

Erik Gauger of Notes from the Road is another travel blogger.  His love for travel and photography can be seen in his blogs. He believes travel writing can be very powerful sans the glowing five-star hotel reviews.

6. Beauty and Fashion:

beauty and fashion blogs

This is a lifestyle blog where you can not only earn money but also get a lot of products for free in addition to access to some cool events. Beauty and fashion are niches where your personality matters more than the content. This is the reason why most bloggers in this niche are social media influencers.

An accidental icon created by Lyn slater, aged 60, is a unique fashion blog. The fact that Lyn also shares her thoughts on life and appeals to thoughtful women regardless of age, makes her blog unique.

You can easily earn through sponsorships in this niche along with ads and affiliate links.

7. Parenting Blogs:


If you have a kid, parenting is one of the best niches for blogging to consider. There are thousands of products exclusively for parents as well as newborns that you could affiliate with. This is another evergreen and global niche because babies are born everywhere!

The creator of Mommy on Purpose, Carly, uses her blog to give tips on pregnancy and being a mom. It grew so popular that in less than a year she started making 5000 dollars a month. Another blog Fatherly by Mike Rothman and cofounder Simon Issacs stands out as this is one blog that focuses on fathers primarily.

8. Home Décor:

home decor blogs

If you enjoy decorating your home then this is another lifestyle blog to consider. You could write tutorials or make how-to videos of your DIY projects. Also, it is a very popular niche on Pinterest.

Christy from Harper House earns up to 6000 dollars per month through a blog that is filled with personal projects and interior décor ideas. Young House Love is another blog on home improvement. In addition to having a successful blog, this couple also runs a popular podcast.

9. Business and Marketing:

business and marketing blogs-2020

More and more people are now looking to be their own boss and become business owners. This niche for blogging has great potential for growth in the future. The topics you can cover here could be business-to-business marketing, business-to-consumer marketing, entrepreneurship, small business ideas, etc.

The Content King blog mainly talks about search engine optimization and also provides time to time guides to help its viewers stay updated.

10. Technology:

Best tech blogs 2020

The technological skills are in great demand with the fast-changing job market and with it the niche of technology. There is an increase in the number of people wanting to learn better and updated technical skills. In such a scenario dedicating a blog to technology can be a very profitable business idea. You can earn through courses, or ad programs, and affiliate programs.

Laurence Bradford, a self-taught techie started to Learn to Code With Me so that she could help others learn to code and use these skills to better their lives.

You could write about gadgets and equipment, games, tutorials, or just cover the latest updates.

How to Pick the Best Blogging Topic for Your Business Idea?

How to find your blog niche

The whole idea of creating a blog as a business model is to generate profits out of it. To build a successful and popular blog you will need to pick a topic that you will be interested in for a long time. Here is a walkthrough to make this decision easy for you-

  • Make a list of all the niche ideas that come to your mind when you think of writing a blog. It could be anything from your hobbies and interests to something you are an expert in even professionally.
  • Shortlist topics where you can effectively help solve a problem or fulfill a need or desire for your audience. People look up for things that make them become better.
  • From these pick niche ideas which you can monetize and also find out which strategies other blogs in those niches are using for monetization.
  • Next check out the success rate of your chosen blog niche. You can see if other blogs in the same niche are making a significant amount or not. If it’s not then its time to rethink your topic. If yes, then move on to the last step.
  • Validate your blog by writing guest posts or start a Facebook page. Check out the reaction of early readers before investing anything into your blog.

This process will help you not only save time, energy, and money but also help you evaluate what your readers really want from you. You can use this information to further plan your business model with blogging.


Remember a smart blog niche is the one where your interests must coincide with the interests of a large audience. You will be successful as long as you are answering their questions and fulfilling their desires. We hope this blog post has solved your many problems from which niches are popular in choosing the niche best suited for your business. It’s time to get that blog of yours started now.