How To Turn Money Making Business Ideas Into Successful Start Up ?

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All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They simply love what they do.

You might have a great business idea in mind, but do you have the right reasons for making it a success? When planning a start-up people are more concerned about questions like what, when and how. But they often forget to ask the most important question- “WHY”.

Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Your reasons will either drive you or drown you. Different people have different reasons for starting their own business. Once you get the answer to your own “WHY”, there is no better time to start. So let’s dive right in!

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6 Reasons To Transform Business Ideas into Reality:

1. You want freedom in work:

Entrepreneur Freedom to Work

Running your own business means you will have to make your own decisions. You will still have responsibilities but at least you will have the ultimate control.

Becoming an entrepreneur gives you a greater sense of independence. In fact, the 2008 survey in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development has shown that freedom is one of the great advantages and motivating factors for becoming an entrepreneur.

2. For pride:

Entrepreneur Pride

Starting from scratch and turning your ideas into a successful business will boost your self-confidence and belief in yourself.

It is a proven fact that increased self-esteem can increase your confidence and persistence which will work wonders for your business, in turn giving you greater happiness.

Source: Review of literature published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest.

3. You love learning new skills:

Skills to learn

Having great business idea DOES NOT mean you have to be skilled in that particular field. If you are passionate enough you can always learn along the way and grow.

A study published in Journal Psychological Science says that learning can also boost your memory.

Moreover, learning is a never-ending process. With the ever changing trends, it is important to keep learning new skills to grow your business domain.

4. You want to follow your passion:

Follow your passion

If you are passionate for something and you have a business idea for that, well, go for it!

There is nothing that can drive you more than passion. When you love your work, it no longer feels like work. Passion not only makes your business satisfactory, but also successful.

5. You want to innovate:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Here’s a representation showcasing the journey of an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs start because they want to stay ahead of all the technological advances.

Innovation is the reason which drives start-ups. You have the ability to change the world through your creative and innovative business ideas. That is motivation in itself.

6. You want to have new experiences:

Knowledge & Experiences

Being an entrepreneur, you should be open to new experiences. After all, that’s how you will learn and grow. Don’t be afraid of risks and challenges. Every step is exciting and a new learning experience.

6 Reasons Why You Are NOT Ready for Perfect Business Idea

1. You want to get rid of your current job or boss:

Quit Job or Boss

Let’s face it.

Just because you don’t want to do a job, or don’t like your boss or current work environment, doesn’t mean that your business ideas are great and will turn into successful ventures.

Leaving your job without proper planning and research can in fact leave you in financial troubles.

2. All you want is money:

Stop chasing money

I absolutely agree that everyone needs and works for money. But any start-up goes through a lot of challenges and adaptations before it can start giving you any decent income.

In fact, the study published by Huffington Post has shown that after a certain level, more money does NOT give any happiness.

3. All you want is to have a good work life balance:

If you believe that starting your own business means no pressure with less work, then you are big time wrong, you will most probably end up disappointed and frustrated.

Running your own business does give you flexibility, but you are responsible and answerable for all the things happening around you.

4. You are looking for something easier than a job:

What you should to become entrepreneur

So if finding something easier than job is your drive that means you want to make easy money without working hard for it.

Sorry to break your bubble!

There is no easy way to earn money. Start-ups might have a different set of challenges, but they are in no way easy, at least until it is well established.

5. You want to Stand out from the crowd:

Prove Yourself & Stand Out from the crowd

As mentioned earlier you are responsible and answerable for everything going around in your business.

Yes, you don’t have a boss, but there are people under you, working for you. Your behavior will have a direct impact on the work culture and the outcome.

6. You are forced by friends/family to become an entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur Planning

Just because your friends or family have a family business and enjoy doing something, doesn’t mean that you will also enjoy it.

You must love what you do, to do it successfully. To become a successful entrepreneur you should have certain set of skills and entrepreneurial mindset. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Benefits you can enjoy from your Own Startup Business Idea

Benefits of start up business idea

1. Your taxes might get reduced

Tax benefit for start ups

2. You could create more job opportunities and help unemployment

Start up idea & plan

3. You will be able to make donations once you start making good money out of your business.

Money Donation and charity

4. You can give yourself a break from the 9-5 routine, monotonous job and get out of the rat race

5. You will feel energized and excited all the time

6. A business done with passion can give meaning and purpose to your life making it more desirable.

7. You can create your own environment to work in. Your house, your rules!

Work Environment

8. You will have financial freedom and will not have to worry about getting laid off from your job.

Financial Freedom

Tips On Secret To Success

“Failure” is the secret to success. That’s right.

Every successful business was once just an idea. It was persistence and improvisation that made them come back stronger every time.

We learn from failures NOT success. We should learn from other start up failures in order to succeed.

Here is the List of 10 startup Mistakes you should avoid: 

Start up mistakes

The Secret to Start Up Business Idea No one tells

  1. Don’t make failure personal: One idea failed, you didn’t.
  2. Stay around positive people: Talk to people who help motivate you to fight back
  3. Bounce back in the game: Take the right advice, learn from your mistakes and try again.
Entrepreneur Success


I hope this article on “How to Turn Money Making Business Idea into successful Start Up” has helped you gain some clarity.

So ask yourself again “Why should I enter the world of entrepreneurs?”

The road to a successful business is not a cake walk. It has its own ups and downs. You will fall again and again and when you fall, it is the answer to your “WHY” that keeps you moving. So don’t sweat on setbacks. There will always be risks, but you won’t know until you try.

To win you must play. You might have lost the battle, you can still win the war.


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