Top 5 Lead Generation Ideas for Network Marketing or MLM

Hard work and smart work are the two mantras for any successful business and Network marketing/multi-level marketing is no different. Many people think of MLM as a ready-made money making machine, which it could be, but not without nurturing it from the very beginning. Embrace network marketing for what it really is, a business, and like any other business it needs the right strategy. No plan, might give you a short term success (if you are lucky) and leave you disappointed in the long run. So, if you want to be successful and not just survive in this game better learn some marketing strategies before entering the arena of pros.

Understand why getting quality leads is important for MLM business

Get Leads in Network Marketing

A lot of people join with the idea that if they are able to recruit just a couple of their friends or family, they would start generating money. This strategy often leads to failure and disappointment.

Why? Because they hoped to get lucky with a couple of friends, who were not skilled enough to pull it off making it a lost opportunity.

Result – They end up blaming the company or their upline or the products for their failure.

Solution – Stop blaming others and start taking responsibility by learning the right strategies to grow your MLM business.

The more quality leads you have the more will be the extent, income and success of your business. Even the companies only want and pay big time to those who can encourage, educate and bring together as many like-minded people as they can.

What should be a MLM lead generation strategy?

Getting more leads does not mean you start bragging random people with your plan and recruit them. Your goal should not be just to generate leads, but to generate the right leads. Do they really know you? Will they trust you? Do they even need what you are offering them? All these questions must be answered relevantly first before you approach your lead.

Your marketing strategy must be to:  

STEP 1: Identify the need you can address

What is it that you have to offer? Is it the financial freedom that someone would enjoy or is it your product which can attract someone?

For example: If someone is going through a tough financial situation, and you give them an opportunity to make some extra money, they will be interested. Similarly if you have a sports related product, someone interested in sports or an athlete might be enthusiastic about it.

STEP 2: Identify who are most likely in need of your offer

Your leads are nothing but people and people have needs or problems. The only reason for which they would want to work with you is that it fulfills their needs or solves their problems.

For example: A college student who doesn’t have any other source of income and is in need of money, might be convinced to join you as you will be solving their problem of income.

STEP 3: Identify your target audience

Not every person with the same problem will be interested in the solutions you are offering.

Reason – They don’t trust you enough.

You have to pick people with whom you can easily build a relationship of mutual trust.

For example: You successfully recruited a college student telling them you can help them to make extra money. You have addressed their need, but you did not develop a bond with each other. Eventually, the student won’t show up leading to a dead end.

Find like-minded people, who have a problem for which you are offering a solution, who can trust you and get motivated to grow your business. These are your target audience.

STEP 4: Identify where to find them

Once you know your target audience, you just need to figure out where you can find them.

For example: You are most likely to find a college student around a college campus, you can find someone interested in sports in a gym or in fitness centers, or someone interested in beauty products in a salon.

You can use both online as well as offline platforms to approach them with well-planned strategies.

network marketing lead generation

Marketing Strategies to boom Network Marketing business

Now that you know your target audience and where to find them, you need to invite them, build a rapport, gain their trust and recruit them. This the gateway to a successful MLM business.

Here is the step by step guide to boom your MLM business:

STEP 1: Look to make a connection with them, so that you gradually build a relationship of mutual trust.

STEP 2: Understand their problems and help them understand how they will benefit and reach their goals through your business.

STEP 3: Show them your plan when they are ready to join you.

Best Ways to generate Network Marketing or MLM leads

1. Online Social media platforms


Online Social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn has made connecting with new people across the globe much more convenient. Why not use it to your advantage? Did you know almost 65% of the global “eligible population” uses social media, that’s 3.96 billion people around the globe.


Can you imagine the extent of your reach here and how well can you use it to grow your business.

  • You can use these platforms to post memes, GIFs, videos related to your products to educate people.
  • Create value for your business by providing helpful tips, answering queries and offering to solve their problems. Once you have a reputation of value people begin to trust you and start expressing interest in your business.
  • Use micro blogging platforms like twitter to generate curiosity and interest in your business.
  • Follow your possible leads online and get involved in giving solution to their problems to build trust and value.

Videos are another powerful way of educating someone from scratch. People are more intrigued if they can see what you are talking about. It helps them understand better and they are more likely to remember it well.

2. Warm Market

Lead generation mlm

Usually inexperienced recruiters are asked to start with their warm contacts, meaning prospects from your family or friends with whom you already have a level of trust built. It’s a great idea for the initial confidence boost.

However, if someone joins you just because they can’t refuse you means they would eventually lose interest in it. Instead gradually try to learn their interests and desires and then present your plan when the time is right.

For example: If you knew someone who was going through financial troubles then you can come up with something like “Hey, remember you were saying you wanted to earn some extra cash. There is a great opportunity if you are still interested… ” Now they are more likely to be interested in your plan.

2. Events and webinars

Network Marketing events and webinars

A person is more likely to trust you if they get a chance to see and realize how many people have been successful in this business. Attending such events helps them to see that they will be provided with support and coaching at every level.

The proof of MLM success is right in front of them through all the success stories which helps them believe the plan. If they trust you and believe in what they do, they will become your quality leads.

3. Write articles or blogs

Words can be very effective to create interest and curiosity among your leads. It must be informative rather than advertising. You can write articles about your products, your business or you can just tell a few success stories to educate people.

4. Referrals

Here are some referral statistics: 

Referral in Network marketing or MLM

People who are referred by someone they trust are easier to convert into leads because

  1. They come through someone they trust
  2. They come because they are interested.

If someone is not ready immediately to buy your product but believe in your idea, they might refer someone they know who is interested in it. You can develop a referral plan giving discounts to those who refer people to join you.

Don’t forget to follow-up!

Follow up is your endgame. If someone rejects your offer but also suggests an open mind, stay in touch with them. They refused now, but who knows they might be ready sometime later in life. Make sure you are there in the right moment to help them in their time of need.

Follow up statistics


Whatever your marketing strategy, the goal must be to help others and not just to get as many people as you can to make more money. Remember that everyone has a desire and fulfilling this desire will be your ticket to wealth. If you’re going to do it, better do it the right way with smart strategies.

Generating quality leads and building up trust is the key to success in a Network marketing or MLM business. Most importantly: believe in yourself.

Nothing is more wearisome and draining than self-doubt” – Doug Wead