10 Common Mistakes you must avoid in MLM business

Top 10 Common Mistakes in Common Mistakes in Network Marketing or MLM Business

  1. Sneaking around your direct selling business
  2. Lying or hyping up the expectations
  3. Selling too much, sharing too little
  4. The BTW approach while inviting to a direct selling business opportunity
  5. Not listening and interrupting others
  6. Speaking too much
  7. A Negative or damsel in distress attitude
  8. Too much or too little follow-up after inviting to a direct selling business opportunity
  9. Not educating yourself enough about direct selling
  10. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Have you ever come across people saying:

“Is this one of those pyramid schemes?” or

“Ohh, I did fall for it once, not again!”

If you are in the business of Network marketing, you know what I am talking about. There is still a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation out there in relation to the direct selling buisness and let me tell you most of it is due to the untrained MLM professionals themselves.

They start without learning the skills of network marketing, making it a bad experience for themselves as well as for others. There are some common mistakes in this business avoiding which you can reach new heights of success and make your dreams come true.

MLM Mistake 1: Sneaking around your direct selling business

Some marketers initially try to hide the fact of the product or company and explain how direct selling business is a great opportunity to earn money.

These individuals present the network marketing or mlm business as a different kind of job or hype it up just to attract a lot of people. However, what happens is eventually people find out that it is network marketing after all and individuals were trying to lure them into the network marketing business.

Common people are left feeling cheated or manipulated. Your very first move towards building a trustworthy relationship is a disaster.

If you are not proud of what you do, why would someone else want to join you?

What you can do instead:

Everyone faces rejection at some point in their life. Some conquer it while some continue to fear it. Be proud of what of you do and believe in it. If you truly believe in your direct selling company and products, it will reflect in your invitation and help build trust. Moreover, people are attracted to unwavering belief and confidence.

MLM Mistake 2: Lying or hyping up the expectations

einstein quotes

Sometimes you are tempted to exaggerate your product benefits or tell people only what they want to hear just to get them to say “yes”. Lying to people about your services or income expectations in order to attract a bunch of prospects, might influence a few.

However, they will quit the moment they find the truth and you will lose credibility and any chance of future success.

On the other hand, if someone is okay with the lying or hype, then they will duplicate it with their prospects ultimately effecting the credibility of the brand or company.

What you can do instead:

Honesty is the foundation to success, if you want to a build a relationship of trust with your prospects for long term success.

Tell people the truth even if it costs you a few prospects. Set your own boundaries to resist temptation. If you have to lie or hype up a product, then probably it’s not worth it.

MLM Mistake 3: Selling too much, sharing too little

Do you watch those TV commercials or movie commercials during the interval with interest of buying it or simply get annoyed by the repeated commercials? People don’t like it if they know you are trying to sell them something. It’s a fact.

Bombarding people with your “amazing money making business opportunities” is only going to annoy them more.

Another popular way to annoy people is by spamming the social media with your business and products. You just end up getting unfollowed or worse blocked!

What you can do instead:

Instead of selling the idea to them, invite them to see the direct selling concept, allow them the time and freedom to take the decision on their own.

Limit your everyday posts on social media and show them more of the events you attend and your lifestyle changes as a result of the network marketing or MLM business. Doing this will intrigue them more and they will approach you with questions about your business.

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MLM Mistake 4: The BTW approach while inviting to a MLM business opportunity

Usually while looking for prospects in your warm contacts, you come across a few dear friends you haven’t spoken to in a while but now you want to invite them to work with you.

Commonly, in this scenario people try to have some small talk pretending to show concern and then take a detour with the entire conversation with “oh, by the way, I started a new business”.

This leaves your friend disappointed realizing your insincere concern and your interest in the business alone. You are labelled as that money minded friend who only remembers their friends for their own interests.

What you can do instead:

A direct approach is much appreciated than fake pretenses and forced small talks.

If you want to invite someone who is an acquaintance, it’s better to quickly apologize for not being in touch earlier, skip the small talk and come straight to the point.

This is a bit difficult with close friends. You can just let them know you started a new business and go on asking more about their life.You should propose to have another meeting to talk about your business. Or you could just say your business reminds you of them and hence you thought of approaching them.

Another easy way to avoid small talk is to let them know you are super busy but want their feedback on something really important.

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MLM Mistake 5: Not listening and interrupting others

“The single most important key to success is to be a good listener”― Kelly Wearstler

Listening to someone else is a great way of developing interpersonal relationships. If you don’t listen and continuously interrupt others when they are talking you come across as someone who is overly dominant and least interested in their interests.

Would you join someone who fits that profile?

What you can do instead:

Building a connection is crucial to the success of network marketing. People love to talk about themselves, all they need is a listening ear. Give them that and they are more likely to connect with you.

People will trust you if they feel you are concerned about them.

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MLM Mistake 6: Speaking too much

“Wise is the one who learns to dumb it down.” ― Curtis Tyrone Jones

This is similar to not listening in the fact that if you are not listening, you are talking. If you not listening at all, that means you are talking too much. Either you will scare them away, or bore them to death. The last thing anyone would want to do is partner with someone who scares them or bores them and is least bit interested in them.

What you can do instead:

Focus less on talking about you and your opportunity, and try to focus more on their struggles and desires. Humans also communicate through body language.

Observe individuals body language to find if your ideas are resonating with them. If not, ask them more questions. Talk about topics of their interests rather than your interests. If you know what they want and what is stopping them from achieving their dreams, you can help them see how they will benefit by partnering with you.

MLM Mistake 7: A Negative or damsel in distress attitude

 “Some people are dead already, they just haven’t made it official” – John Maxwell

The glass is half full or half empty? Some people start complaining on facing a few roadblocks and blame the company or their upline for their failures and lack of training. No one wants to be around someone who is complaining or sulking all the time. A negative attitude always leads to quitting ultimately. They find problems in everything else outside of them instead of changing their own perspectives and improving their skills.


What you can do instead:

Take responsibility if you were not able to do something and spend some time in learning leadership skills. Smile often. It is infectious. Having a positive attitude when talking to other people makes them also feel pleasant around you. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. A positive attitude will lead you to success no matter how many obstacles you face.

MLM Mistake 8: Too much or too little follow-up after inviting to a direct selling business opportunity

Follow up or taking feedback is an important part of a direct selling business, but that doesn’t mean you stalk people every day, until they finally block you.

Your prospects will need some time to make a decision about partnering with you. If you don’t respect that, you are never going to succeed. Imperiously trying to recruit people who are not interested will only hurt your relationships and your reputation.

Having said that, forgetting them completely is a whole another mistake. If you don’t contact them at all after your first conversation, it will lead them to believe, you don’t care enough about recruiting them.

What you can do instead:

You can follow-up with people who seemed interested in the first meet, but need time to think over it. Give them the time to decide but also keep sharing events, promotion etc.  

Develop a follow up system, make next appointments and show up on your scheduled appointments. A non-pressure approach and fear of loss is an incredible motivating factor. Create an urgency in your calls, but leave the decision open to them.

Something like “Hey these are last invites I have left, if you don’t give an answer I will take it as a no” does not pressurize them but also creates the fear of losing it.

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Follow up network marketing mlm

MLM Mistake 9: Not educating yourself enough about network marketing.

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice”

–Brian Herbert.

Network marketing is going to be different from any other jobs you had. It demands specific skills which you must develop throughout your journey to success. If you believe you are a “I know everything” person, this business is not for you. Duplication is all that matters here.

If someone is too busy to put the effort into learning the right way and strategies of this business, then they better do themselves a favor and invest their time in other things.

What you can do instead:

Be a good student in this business. Counsel with successful people in your upline and apply the learning. Attend seminars and events and absorb whatever you can. Read inspiring books that motivate and teach you how to grow in life, professionally and personally. Reading books is a great way of increasing your knowledge.

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MLM Mistake 10: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Sometimes people think that promoting products of many network marketing or MLM companies together, will fetch them more money in no time. However, doing this puts your prospects and teammates in a state of confusion and you lose credibility.

Another mistake is becoming an MLM junkie. You face with failure and disappointment with one company, and then you start jumping from one MLM company to another.  You start from scratch with every new company, lose momentum, credibility and time.

What you can do instead:

“If I made a commitment, I stood by that commitment – and try to make it real. Because when you become leaders, the most important thing you have is your word, your trust. That’s where respect comes from”

– Michelle Obama

Find a good company and product you are passionate about. Research the company well before signing up anything. Check official websites like World Federation of Direct Selling Association, Direct Selling Association, Indian Direct Selling Association etc for more information about companies.

Once you decide the company you want to represent, focus on it with full commitment. Stick to it no matter how many setbacks you have to face. Building a business takes time and patience. If you are committed to it you will not regret it in the long run.

Important Takeaways:

As network marketing professionals, it is our responsibility to represent the MLM business honestly so that it gains the respect that it deserves. This is an opportunity where people don’t pull down but grow with each other.

So, if you too want to be successful in network marketing business rather than that one person who constantly gets unfollowed or blocked from their friends list, learn the skills and correct your mistakes if you are guilty of any one of them.

To err is human, but you must own it, learn from it and never commit the same mistake again. It’s never too late.


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