Complete MLM or Network Marketing Guide for 100% Success

MLM Business Model

There are many theories and documents about MLM or Network Marketing. In this article we are going to discuss about the following:

  1. What is MLM or Network marketing?
  2. Why MLM has a negative image?
  3. How to choose a MLM or Network marketing company to join?
  4. How Network marketing or MLM business model works?

People around the world have known this business model as Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Network marketing, Chain marketing, Direct Selling, or Pyramid Scheme.

There are many questions before joining any MLM company. We’re going to clear all the myths and assumptions about the network Marketing or MLM business Model in this article and give you a clear picture about the Network marketing or MLM business model.

What is MLM?

MLM (Multilevel Marketing) is a well thought philosophical scientific process where the goods and services of a company is marketed without spending any money for advertisements.

MLM or Network Marketing is a process to promote products and services directly from manufacturers to consumers.

Direct to customer
MLM negative or positive

There are 3 primary reasons for the negative image or bad image of MLM or Network marketing business in the society:

1. Schemes/Scams

MLM or Network marketing Schemes or Scams

MLM and Network Marketing has a negative image because of the schemes/scams/scandals like the Saradha Scam, Ebiz or Speak Asia Scam.

These fraud network marketing companies made lot of money in short period of time and shut their businesses overnight. Due to which the government have taken necessary actions and set guidelines for MLM or Network marketing companies to follow legal procedure.

Media promotions regarding the schemes and scams have created bad impression about the MLM or Network Marketing Business.

Schemes/Scams has degraded the MLM or Network Marketing Business. Otherwise this business can create many millionaires by legal and stable process.

2. Bad Company

Bad MLM company

Simple definition of a bad company is company which has a motivate to take money and shut down after they earn millions. 

Government has taken strict actions for fake and fraud companies who work on Schemes/Scams.

There are proper guidelines given by government to regulate the MLM or Direct selling business. So don’t fall into the TRAP of Schemes or scams in Network marketing business.

2. Bad Promotion

Bad promotions

Bad promotions in Network marketing usually comes from people who have failed in this business or not been successful in this business.

Due to their one bad experience they disregard the business and post humiliating reviews which create bad impression about the MLM business.

“Just because they were not successful themselves, they don’t want you also to succeed”.

So make sure that before joining the business make sure you research whether the company is regulated and approved by Government or not. 

news for MLM or direct selling in India
Tips for Succes in MLM

You can get to know about a multilevel marketing (MLM) or network marketing company based on three parameters:

1. People & Philosophy

The first thing you should do before joining any MLM company is know the people and the philosophy of the company.

Philosophy of a company will let you know exactly what the company is all about and also the culture of the company.

Ask yourself these questions before joining any Direct selling or MLM Company:

  1. Does the company has a binding force which has made a group of people to stick to the company?
  2. How is the culture of people in the company?
  3. Is the leadership of the company good?
  4. Is the company giving proper time for training and enhancing knowledge?
  5. Is the company focusing on Learning, development and training?

Remember that if the company is always taking about profit and money making, and the culture is also talking about profit and money only. Don’t get into the TRAP of joining that company.

If you see their is any kind of greed for doing this business. DON’T JOIN THAT COMPANY.

profit in MLM or Network Marketing

A company which has a purpose that binds all the people together and has organisational belief, is the company you should go for.

A Network marketing or MLM business will surely help you develop a personality and make you a stronger person.

NOTE: If people and philosophy of a company is correct, then surely you will develop your personality to new highs even if you don’t earn enough money.

Here is a chart describing core values of Network Marketing or MLM Business:

MLM images

2. Products

Here are few parameters on the basis of which you can judge a network marketing company:

  1. Enjoyable
  2. Public Favorite
  3. Economical
  4. Value
  5. Recurring Usage
  6. Trust
  7. Buying Behavior
  8. Understand the adoption Curve

Note: Product should be best quality and you should be able to enjoy that product.

3. Plan, Profits & Payout

If the 2 P’s mentioned above are fulfilling all the questions. Then their is NO point that the company can be a fraud or scam. And thus it will surely have good profit and payout.

Just keep in these mind few points for Payouts of Company:

  1. Check if the you are getting payout on a weekly or monthly basis.
  2. Plan and profit should be reasonably good.

Network marketing works on Power Of Compounding.

Albert Einstein says “Power of compounding is the 8th wonder of the world

Albert Einstein Power of Compounding

Let’s understand the concept of compounding through an example:

If you plant two seeds at a time, one seed of Wheat crop and one of Mango crop.

Example of wheat crop vs Mango crop

For Wheat Crop, you will get production output of wheat in few days and it will grow continuously for 4 months and then again you have to plant seed, and process continuous.

For Mango Crop, you might not see any fruit in Mango plant for first 3 years, but after that for next 200 years you can enjoy the fruit.

This is what Network marketing is in a nutshell. It is exactly like the Mango Crop. Once you sow the seed, have patience and wait for time when you hardwork starts paying you off in a way you can’t ever imagine.

How to become Overnight billionaire

People who say “You will become millionaire in just few months”.

He is lying. It is eventually possible, but you have to work hard for it. Nothing comes free in this world.

No business in the world can make you billionaire overnight.

In Network marketing or MLM business:

  1. You have work at a constant rate with dedication and hard-work.
  2. You get compounding results as you grow your network.
Network marketing vs Jobs
Is any of these easy?

Nothing in the world is Easy. To get to riches you have to struggle, you have to face rejections.

But the best thing about the MLM business model is:

  1. It doesn’t matter what your educational qualifications are.
  2. It doesn’t matter what your age, religion or gender is.
  3. The one who works hard gets the most of the benefits.

1. Write your own Cheque

2. Safe job

3. Small Investment

4. Freedom Of Time

5. Open Market

6. Build more Relations

7. Extreme Respect

8. Recurring Revenue Model


If you consider all the points mentioned above to join in a network marketing company, you will surely develop your personality and also earn huge income. 

All you need to do is Identify your key competencies, if your nature doesn’t suite this business you can never be successful in this business. 

MLM is all about leadership, building a powerful downline, having great relation with your upline, continuous learning, and prospecting & follow up.


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