10 Profitable Business Ideas Post Covid Lockdown

The influence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt via all organizations round the world. Leaders are navigating a large variety of interrelated troubles that span from preserving their personnel and clients safely, shoring-up money and liquidity, reorienting operations and navigating complex authorities help programs.

Some of the post lockdown profitable business ideas and commercial enterprise thoughts that you can make use of to begin your startup or even as a facet hustle for gathering wealth for your large commercial enterprise at a later stage in this current pandemic are stated below:-


Online Teaching

At a time when teenagers are restrained inside the 4 partitions of the house, a Times of India (TOI) study has observed that dad and mom are involved over lack of bodily things to do amongst children. The survey carried out as a section of worldwide day of households additionally determined that 61% of households have opted for e-learning due to uncertainty in education.

In this crucial situation, where social gatherings are being avoided, but this may lead to pause the education system which may destroy the life and career of the upcoming generation but online teaching is such a platform which is in a great demand in this situation also as we can learn while sitting in our home which will avoid the social gatherings.

In current times, expert counselling has come to be very vital for college students and additionally working professionals. Professional counselling can enhance the overall performance of college students to a high-quality extent, so as to allow them to develop mentally and emotionally with the understanding and freedom to make knowledgeable profession choices.

Many companies are now transitioning to on-line applications which consist of ability improvement fashions and different education which is making our childhood work-ready.

Investment For Online Teaching:-

For starting a career as an online teacher one only needs a laptop and an internet connection to record the lecture afterwhile you can upload the video lecture on various online teaching platforms like Udemy, EDX, Udacity etc. and these platforms do not charge to upload any courses.

Return On Investment From Online Teaching:-

Revenue that can be generated depends on the audience that you can create, on an average from this business you can generate a revenue of  50K INR per month based on the content you provide.

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Food Delivery Services

Customers ordering meals online are spending about 25-30% greater per takeaway, even as average volumes proceed to recover, touching about half of pre-Covid-19 numbers, in accordance to meals shipping platforms, eating places and analysts. The upward jab in order cost is due to the fact large portions are being ordered with many households working from home, on-line meals shipping systems Swiggy and Zomato said.

So these door-step meals shipping offerings are improving and can be greater extra after Covid-19. It’s been more than 5 months that we are locked inside the four walls of our home, we can’t go out to enjoy our favourite food. That’s the reason these door-step food delivery services are going on trend these days.

Investment For Door-Step Food Delivery Services:-

For starting this business, the only revenue needed is to hire the cooks and the delivery partners. For this you have to invest somewhat around 60k INR initially on an average to operate the service. For the advertising purpose you can take the help of social media and can also assign an application developer that can be more helpful to you if you’ll be having an app or a website to reachout more number of people.

Return On Investment From Door-Step Food Delivery Services

Revenue generated depends on the demand you’ll receive everyday, on an average you can generate 80 INR per order.

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As standard street-side enterprise has definitely shut down, human beings are taking their commercial enterprise online. Somehow the income in some sectors have long gone up, mainly due to the scarcity of a number of products. Due to the surprisingly declared lockdown, panic shopping for family merchandise grew to become a trend.

This subsequently led to scarcity on a large scale. People are switching from department stores and supermarkets to e-commerce for day-to-day commodities, the income of organizations like BigBasket and Grofers have long passed and will proceed to be that way in the coming time as well.

As shopping malls and local markets are always a highly crowded spot and are not at all favourable for the current situation, people are moving towards online platforms like e-commerce sites.

Investment For E-Commerce Business:-

For running any e-commerce business is first to make contact with wholesalers and purchase the items from them at a wholesale price then the second most important thing to reach the audience that can be done by either making a website or an application, for that you can hire any freelancer. After that you need some delivery partners to deliver the delivery. For this business you need to invest around 65k INR per month.

Return On Investment From E-Commerse Business:-

Revenue generated totally depends on the sales you will make but once you reach out to a good number of customers, you can easily build around 1-2k INR per month.

Return On Investment From E-Commerse Business:-



More businesses are able to get admission to freelancers both for value effectiveness and to complement integral ability sets. Without doubt, freelancing permits a greater value and time environment friendly strategy to supplement or include indispensable technical skills. But, past value efficiency, freelancing makes it possible to appeal to a world-class brain that would be unavailable to most companies on a full-time basis.

Freelancing will develop in a broad and widening variety of expert areas. We’ve already considered the upward shove of impartial administration consulting platforms, and the boom of new systems in an ever developing set of professions. More and more businesses are partnering with structures like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr to construct an extra flexible, blended workforce.

Investment For Freelancing:-

To work as a freelancer there is no need to invest a single penny, you must have a laptop, an internet connection and a skill only, making freelancing accounts of freelancing websites is 100% free of cost until you buy any subscription or membership to increase the reach of your bids.

Return On Investment From Freelancing:-

Revenue generated totally depends on the service you provide but on an average I can say that you can earn around 40k-50k INR per month on an average.

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YouTube says its statistics exhibit greater than five hundred percentage will increase in views on March 15, in contrast to the day by day common for relaxation of the year, for non-public exercise movies with the phrases “at home”. News viewership on YouTube soared 75% in latest weeks from the identical time ultimate year, with thousands and thousands of human beings turning to the video web page for updates on the corona virus.

There used to be a channel on YouTube that predicted that this can also turn out to be one of the largest YouTube memories of the year, and set up a live stream to comply with the subscriber counts. That channel benefited with thousands of hundreds of thousands of views and 2.5 million subscribers. It’s probably not going to shock you, however there are channels out there who are making use of precisely the equal system to the coronavirus.

Investment For Youtubing:-

To work as a youtuber there is no need to invest a single penny, you must have a laptop or even a phone, an internet connection. Just start recording and uploading videos of your own interests and try to reach the maximum number audience.

Return On Investment From Youtubing:-

Revenue generated by youtubing depends on the watch time on your videos and your number of subscribers. On an average you can earn more than 50k-80k INR per month from this.

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Health & Care Utilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a bane for most of the industry, however additionally a boon for many. Increased hygiene issues and demand for healthcare merchandise  such as sanitizers and masks have inspired entrepreneurs to begin searching at some of these industries.The demand for masks skyrocketed after scientific communities round the world stated they have been a necessary preventive measure to mitigate the unfold of the virus.

The spike in demand for masks led small-scale entrepreneurs to set up or pivot to manufacturing masks via investing very little cash ranging inside Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000. Demand for hand sanitizers has risen 100 times on the grounds that the pandemic began. Most agencies have been effortlessly in a position to pivot to manufacturing this product, mainly after present manufacturers struggled to maintain up with the tempo of consumption.

Investment For Health And Care Utilities Business :-

For this business you need to have contact with the suppliers and you should also have a good number of customers. For this you need to invest more than 50k INR on an average. You can also make your own application or website to reach your customer’s needs.

Return On Investment From Health And Care Utilities Business:-

Revenue generated will all and all depend on the sales you’ll make. As the demand is growing for sanitizers and masks a very good amount of revenue can be generated which can be more than 100k INR per month once you build a good number of customers.

Best References For Health And Care Utilities Business:-


Social Media Influencing

Social media has observed the arc of so many new technologies. Initially, probabilities were regarded as endless. People in all places located a new way to join with buddies and family. Businesses had been in a position to attain clients without delay even in the lockdown also.People are spending most of the time at home, in which social media has grown to be an final supply of entertainment. This made an colossal upward thrust in the social media influencing career.

As the people are locked in their homes due to this pandemic, the major source of entertainment these days for the people is social media, the whole day we just scroll and scroll our screen to entertain ourselves rather than being bored. Therefore, the social media sensations or we can say the social media influencers are getting a massive number of audience in this current outbreak. So, starting a career as a social media influencer will be a good choice.

Investment For Social Media Influencing:-

For being a social media influencer you only need to have a laptop or a phone, a skill which you can showcase on these platforms and an internet connection. You don’t need to pay a single penny to start your career in this.

Return On Investment From Social Media Influencing:-

Revenue generated from this depends on the number of followers or subscribers you have on your page or channel but on an average you can earn around 60-100k per month from this.

Best References For Social Media Influencing:-



One can’t overemphasize adequate on how running a blog is the wide variety one way to begin incomes on-line with zero to low funding and limitless incomes potential.After the occur of this pandemic running a blog profession is considered to be rising as humans desired to emerge as greater conscious about what is going backyard in the world.Taking running a blog as a enterprise thoughts in India can fetch you up to Rs 756k per month.

As we live in the digital era people read pdfs rather than books, people who are keen to gain knowledge in any field always google it and google shows him the blogs written by any blogger on the same topic. Due to lockdown and this covid-19, people have to stay at home due to which they are not aware of the happenings happening outside the world. To know about the happenings they google it hence this pandemic has increased the audience of bloggers.

Investment For Blogging:-

To work as a blogger you only need a laptop, internet connection and good content writing skills. You can either create your own website and write your blogs there which may cost you around 7-10k INR per year, to work as an independent blogger or else you can write content for others websites and they’ll pay you for that.

Return On Investment From Blogging:-

Revenue generated from this will be on an average 100-200k INR per month if you write good and efficient blogs.

Best references For Blogging:-


Digital Marketing

Digital advertising is one of the developing fields amongst our web era that permits customers to do advertising or promote our merchandise or offerings digitally. As this Corona outbreak has led to locking everybody inside their home, a lot of offline agencies are affected, in these touchy prerequisites digital structures are making a desirable income from doing their commercial enterprise online.

As the world is going digital and everyone wants their work to be done on their finger point with their just one click. So, the concept of digital marketing is to advertise your own or someone else’s service or product digitally over the internet.

Investment For Digital Marketing:-

To work as a digital marketer you must have a laptop with internet connection and most importantly the knowledge of digital marketing on various social media platforms. For this you don’t have to spend any penny until you want any membership.

Return On Investment From Digital Marketing:-

Revenue generated from this business will depend on the number of projects you’ll get, on an average you can earn around 30-50k INR per month.

Best References For Digital Marketing:-


Virtual Assistant Job

Most of the e-commerce organizations such as Amazon, Flipkart and so on as nicely as on line meals shipping systems like Swiggy, Zomato and so forth are on a steady hunt to employ digital assistants to assist them out with offering technical and guide assistance to their customers. As the demand of domestic transport offerings is developing in the lockdown the want of digital purchaser care provider vendors is additionally growing with it.

Investment For Virtual Assistant Job:-

For working as a virtual assistant you need to have a laptop, phone and a good internet connection.There is no investment for this job. You only need to apply for this job in the companies online. If you’ll get selected then you can earn a good payout by the end of every month.

Return On Investment From Virtual Assistant Job:-

Revenue generated from this business can be around 5k INR per day.

Best References For Virtual Assistant Job:-


Stay optimistic, don’t lose hope, be conscious and have a lot of persistence to combat this pandemic. Everyone is combating this lethal virus and the total world is working collectively to eradicate COVID-19. This lockdown is an opportunity to give yourself sufficient to grow your skills and do more better in the life ahead.